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AccuRIP Black Pearl Software – staying current has its rewards!


20 Years of Spot Process Software – work with the latest version Spot Process Separation Studio


AccuRIP Black Pearl™ and Spot Process Separation Studio™ software are expertly engineered to fit perfectly into your screen-print world, working seamlessly with mainstream graphic software, like Adobe and Corel. Our software solutions simplify and streamline the pre-press process into easy, consistent, and accurate film output and tonal image separating to achieve your best prints and increase your profits.

FREE, fully-functional software is what Freehand has delivered for decades, allowing you to go into production and to expect success. Take the stress out of making the right decision for your business. Try it for 14-days, profit from the separations, and buy it knowing you’ve already earned the money to purchase the industries best software.

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The Downloads section of this site does NOT provide the full version installer for AccuRIP Black Pearl. Purchasers of Black Pearl will locate the Full Version Installer on the My-Account page after purchasing.


Everything a Screen-Printer Needs To Succeed…

Success on-press always begins in the pre-press department. You’re in business to print outstanding image reproductions on garments and substrates.

Never under-estimate the value of using great software or products in your screen-print business. Without art and accurate separations you can’t go into print production. If you don’t already know… Freehand is highly regarded as one of the most trusted companies in the industry. For over 3 decades Resellers and users worldwide have looked to Freehand to lead the way in screen-print pre-press.

It is astonishing what you can do today in the screen-print industry thanks to technology companies like Freehand, Adobe, and Corel.


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