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We’re artists and engineers, technicians and educators.
We’re pre-press professionals, veteran screen-printers, graphics experts,
and cross-platform OS savvy.
We’re the engineers that code the software and support you…our valued user.

We are Freehand!
These are the solutions we are proud to deliver to the industry we have been dedicated to since 1983:

Spot Process Sep Studio
Automated Color Separation Software

AccuRIP Black Pearl
Film Output from your Epson Inkjet Printer

All Black Ink
Black Dye in Every Slot Means Dedicated Output

D-Max Ink
UV Light Blocking Dye in Liters

Inkjet Head Maintenance and Clog Buster

Ditto Film Feeder
Load 8 Sheets and Print in a Desktop Inkjet

DarkStar Inkjet Film
The Best Film for Achieving Density


Start-ups to monster-size production facilities, understand that…
It’s Good to Know Freehand!

Your customer’s passion, our products, your printing.
Success on-press is a team effort!

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