You know us best as and through our top industry products:

AccuRIP Black Pearl™
Spot Process Separation Studio™
All Black Ink™
D-Max Dye Ink™
DarkStar Film
Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder™

We engineer and support these fine products available directly from our SHOP
and through our Value-Added Resellers around the globe.

About Our Strength

We’ve uncomplicated the world of screen-print pre-press through user-friendly software. But, don’t let the ease of use fool you – what our software delivers is simply astonishing.

All Freehand software and products are the result of a thorough examination of our own experiences, good and bad, for over 3 decades. Refusing to work with sub-par solutions, we took matters into our own “engineering” hands to deliver to the industry the very best solutions for start-up AND veteran screen-printers.

Our software solutions are for Macintosh and Windows users.

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About The Freehand Team

There isn’t a part of your world that we haven’t lived, learned from, and prospered by doing. And, with two owners each with over 35 years under our belts, we are among the most skilled team of screen-print professionals. Even industry consultants rely on Freehand for the right information and best practices.

We’re artists and engineers, technicians and teachers, pre-press professionals, veteran screen-printers, graphics experts, and cross-platform OS savvy. We ARE the engineers that code the software AND support our users.

You benefit every day using our products, watching our videos, and reading about all aspects of the printing process using Freehand’s comprehensive and FREE resources. The expertise that comes from Freehand’s experience guarantees the best user experience possible.

About Our Mission

The Mission at Freehand is clear – build the best industry software and products, and match them with professional support.

About Our Success

Freehand’s success has come from continued dedication to the screen-print industry, and staying true to our Mission. From day one of the establishment of Freehand Graphics in 1982, we looked ahead 30 years to a strong and well respected company. We continue to look ahead with enthusiasm to decades more of delivering the very best software, products, and services to an industry that serves us well!

Engineered For Screen-Printers By Screen-Printers!

Whether a start-up, or a well established company, small shop or large corporation, tech savvy or technology challenged, Freehand Graphics is the global community of screen-printers’ first choice for software and solutions to take them from the order to delivery.

Just being in an industry for over thirty-five years doesn’t make anyone an expert… the thirty-five plus years we have spent being being and examining screen-printers absolutely has made Freehand’s team one of the most knowledgeable and respected in the industry.