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  Amaze-Ink Liquid Inkjet Head Cleaner and Maintenance Fluid A Freehand Graphics, Inc. EXCLUSIVE product. Available here at BUY NOW! It’s not INK. It’s an ink dissolver. Regular maintenance aids in clog prevention. Apply to help clear a simple or stubborn clog by dissolving dried dye or pigment at the head/nozzle. Watch the Amaze-Ink Video. … Continue reading Amaze-Ink™

AccuRIPBP Release Notes

NEW Version Update Information 1.04.039 (Win) • 1.04.040 (OSX) Current Update Version (includes all previous version updates): 1.04.039 (Win) / 1.04.040 (OSX) VERSION UPDATES: Epson 1430 Driver Improvements Spanish Translations Updated Improved Error Dialog Messages PREVIOUS VERSION UPDATES: 1.04.037 (Win) / 1.04.038 (OSX) New Reseller Configurations Added. Stability Enhancements. Language Translation Updates. Fixed Spelling Errors. Updated About … Continue reading AccuRIPBP Release Notes

AccuRIP (upgrade)

  You’ll immediately notice the enhanced user-interface of the AccuRIP Software Upgrade. Freehand has engineered under-the-hood functionality updates to the Postscript engine, because productivity, processing speed, and reliability are critical to busy screen-print shops. A favorite new U.I. improvement: daily accessed features are now available with one click. By organizing these frequently used features in … Continue reading AccuRIP (upgrade)

Film Media

  Dark Star Dye Film™ – SHEETS and ROLLS. The purpose of film is understood – but did you know that its quality is critical to the success of screen exposure and press production? Film prices will vary so slightly when you calculate the per film price. It is NEVER smart or economical to buy bottom … Continue reading Film Media