Our Mission Statement

Freehand Graphics, Inc. is a 35 year strong company with a mission that has never wavered: provide professional products and services specific to the needs of the screen-print industry plus provide comprehensive technical support knowing that users will have varying levels of computer expertise, and therefore assistance from a knowledgable staff is as important as the technology itself.

“Technology asks this of us…select the best and then trust in it. Our part is to understand how to operate what’s been expertly engineered for success.”

– Charlie Facini, CEO

Executive Biographies:

Charles Facini, CEO

The CEO of Freehand Graphics is no stranger to the industry. If you’ve been in the industry as early as 1982 then you certainly know and respect Charlie. As an owner of a multi-location screen-print company, Impressions Computer Whiz contributing writer for nearly a decade, a consultant and trainer to numerous multi-billion dollar NYC textile companies, and the creator of numerous software and products for screen-printers as CEO of Freehand Graphics, this industry pro has positively contributed to the art of screen-printing like no other. Thousands owe their success to his information, advice, software and products. 

Charlie believes that running a successful screen-print business, or being a valuable asset for one requires the ability to self-assess and make changes. People, technology and companies don’t stand still and neither should a professional. What you are afraid of can truly hurt you. If technology is your fear, make an effort to break the fear. You can do and understand so much more than you realize.

Laura Franco, VP, Director of Sales & Marketing

Laura has been in the screen-print industry her entire career. She began as a graphic artist producing thousands of images traditionally (cutting rubylith) transitioning to computer-aided design in the late 1980s. She is an honors graduate of one of New York City’s most prestigious design schools, The School of Visual Arts. She also studied business and finance at The University of Florida, Gainesville. She has been a part of Freehand Graphics from the beginning and users and resellers have had the opportunity to get to know Laura. She heads up the reseller program, manages all marketing programs, and is a valuable asset to this global company.

“When you begin your career as an artist and become an integral part of a company working side by side with Charlie and a team of talented engineers you have to be flexible and develop diverse skills. This industry continually changes. Staying ahead of these changes is how to remain successful. Our success is our user’s success. I can’t imagine where this industry would be without Charlie Facini, this team, and the amazing products delivered”. 

– Laura Franco, Vice President

The team at Freehand includes engineers so growth is in the direct hands of a close and invested group. Freehand’s staff is comprised of the finest technical support technicians that are also artists and screen-printers. The sales team is a skilled group that understands your time is valuable. They know the pace is fast, and accuracy is a must. Whether you start a chat, place an online order, are a reseller and need help, or just call in with a question, you are being cared for by the very best.


Our Team of Professionals

New York Office:
Charlie Laura  Sean DD  Ethan Nick Nancy Darryl Taylor Erik Alex Lee


Freehand Graphics, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We are currently NOT accepting resumés.