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All Black Ink Cartridges by Freehand Graphics

A complete list of available dye ink cartridges by Freehand are listed below.


NEW – P400 Starter Kit
Matte Slot Black Dye available to purchase in the web store or through a value-added reseller. This product is a matte slot only solution and contains 3 cartridges so you won’t run out unexpectedly. Kit also contains Freehand’s Amaze-Ink Head cleaner and maintenance fluid. Users that dedicate the printer to film output will appreciate keeping all nozzles clear with easy and regular maintenance. We even include the syringe, adapter and a pair of gloves.

How to Setup:
Simply insert one matte cartridge in the matte slot and in AccuRIP’s Edit Configuration menu, switch from Photo Black (default) to Matte Black. That’s all it takes to print film with the industries best UV light blocking black dye.

The dye is Freehand’s very own formulation of D-Max dye ink used in all of our ink products.

1430 Starter Kit or Refill Tank set?
Which should you order?
(read info below)

All Black Ink Starter Kits and Refill Tanks are available to purchase in the web store or through a value-added reseller. Note: The Blackmax brand is the same All Black Ink™ brand manufactured by Freehand. It is sold by Ryonet under the brand name Blackmax.


If you’ve never installed All Black Ink™ for the 1430 (1400 or 1500W), purchase the STARTER KIT. It includes all the physical components needed. (AccuRIP Software is required and sold separately).

The STARTER KIT ($150) includes 6-frames each with a unique chip and each labeled for its particular slot. Also, 6-tanks filled with Freehand’s quality black dye are included. Follow the instructions to pop one tank into each frame. DO NOT use the resetter provided. This is used ONLY if the frame does not automatically set upon initial installation. These frames rarely fail to auto set as they were engineered to do.

How to Setup:
Simply snap a dye ink tank into each frame. Insert each complete cartridge in the color labeled slot, and in AccuRIP go to the edit configuration menu, click multi-black so all slots are checked on. That’s all it takes to print film with the industries best UV light blocking black dye.

When a user that previously installed the All Black Ink from the Starter Kit needs more dye ink, the refill set contains the same 6-tanks of dye as in the starter kit. Since frames are reusable, the refill kit saves you big money by just providing the dye ink.

Although the product is the refill of dye ink for the Starter Kit, these tanks are NOT refillable themselves. It is a closed tank system. When more dye is needed, simply purchase a Refill Tank Set for $99.

Shown above is an example of the Starter Kit for the All Black Ink system for the 1430, 1400 and 1500W desktop models. First-time users begin with the Starter Kit. All purchases thereafter will be the refill tank set, as the starter kit frames and resetter are reusable. TIP: purchase the refill tank set at the same time as the Starter Kit – don’t be without ink to produce films. 


T3270 / 5270 / 7270 users:
Dmax Dye Ink™ (700 ml / matte slot)
With a 700 ml tank of the proven dye formulation of the All Black Ink system – this matte slot allows users of this popular model to have both an efficient film production device AND a color printer using Epson color ink. No flushing of lines, switching slots, etc. because the matte slot is INDEPENDENT. We love this printer and its capabilities for screen-printers.

How to Setup:
Simply insert the matte cartridge in the matte slot and in AccuRIP go to the edit configuration menu, click multi-black, then leave just the matte slot checked on. That’s all it takes to print film with the industries best UV light blocking black dye. If the line already contains another ink/dye – perform powerful cleans to clean the line and bring the dye to the head.


All Black Ink™ systems for these 21 Epson Inkjet models:
Reseller Network

While supplies last…for models no longer in hardware production inks are available only until they sell out.

Artisan 50
Artisan 1430
Stylus Photo 1400
Stylus Photo 1500W
Stylus Photo R1800
WorkForce 1100
Stylus R1900
SureColor T3270   (matte slot only)
Sure Color T5270  (matte slot only)
SureColor T7270   (matte slot only)
Stylus Pro 4800
Stylus Pro 4880
Stylus Pro 4900  SOLD OUT
Stylus Pro 7700
Stylus Pro 7880
Stylus Pro 7890
Stylus Pro 7900
Stylus Pro 9700
Stylus Pro 9880
Stylus Pro 9890
Stylus Pro 9900



Genuine All Black Ink™ is manufactured by Freehand Graphics as All Black Ink™ and Blackmax™  brands. This dye of highest-quality delivers the industries highest density. Freehand’s exclusive formulated D-Max UV Light Blocking Dye™ is best for film output.

Colorful press prints start with black dye. You will NEVER spray color inkjet ink on your film positives. All Black Ink delivers volume of top-quality D-Max brand formulated black dye ink for every slot of your printer.

All Black Ink™ is a product that began as a brilliant concept by the developers of AccuRIP. Understanding your priority is making quality BLACK films to expose accurate screens for screen-printing, All Black Ink uses top-quality, formulated BLACK DYE delivered in cartridges for every slot.

AccuRIP Software is required. Be sure you are using AccuRIP before ordering All Black Inks.

Don’t put any black cartridge in a color slot. That will damage your cartridges and printer, and will not work. The All Black Ink product provides UV light blocking BLACK DYE for each slot in convenient cartridges. No Frankensteining hardware and dealing with ink starvation and other costly issues from ordinary bottle and hose bulk ink systems.

An inkjet sprays ink onto film. AccuRIP Software controls the ability to accurately spray ink from each slot (once designated for specific colors) so each droplet sprayed is black dye.

Insert the All Black Ink carts and turn on the Multi-black feature in the AccuRIP Setup Menu and start printing better films and save money too!


With AccuRIP Software, a supported Epson Inkjet model, and genuine All Black Ink cartridges you are ready to be more productive and save money. Be smart, since ink is a consumable and art projects vary, make sure you have the replacement set of ink on the shelf. Busy shops with smaller inkjet printers will need replacements sooner than slower shops with high capacity printers. All Black Ink can be purchased from Freehand’s Authorized Resellers.


The volume of dye and the number of slots determines the cost of an ink set. You’ll appreciate that the pricing is right in line with or lower than all other ink lines. You receive greater value and bigger savings from formulated dye in comparison to pigment ink that requires heavier ink lay-down to block light. Below is a list of All Black Ink supported models, specifications and pricing.

1400 / 1430 / 1500W
Starter Kit (6) Cartridges (includes 6 Frames, 6 Tanks, 1 Resetter)
MSRP: $150 per starter kit for first-time installation

MSRP for Replacement Tanks: $99 (set of 6)
(for use with Frames provided in Starter Kit)

Cartridges per set: 8
MSRP: $195 per set

Cartridges per set: 8
MSRP: $195 per set

Cartridges per set: 8
MSRP: $552 per set

Cartridges per set: 8
MSRP: $532 per set

Cartridges per set: 11
MSRP: $990 per set

7700 / 9700
Cartridges per set: 5
MSRP: $795 per set

7880 / 9880
Cartridges per set: 8
MSRP: $586 per set

7890 / 9890
Cartridges per set: 9
MSRP: $1,431 per set

7900 / 9900
Cartridges per set: 11
MSRP: $1,749 per set


All Black Ink is a consumable product and is a final sale. Ink cartridges are warranted against manufacturer defects for 3 months from date of purchase. Inspect all shipments upon receipt to make sure the proper model was delivered and that there are no signs of leaks, damage from shipping, or tampering. Notify your reseller immediately and contact Freehand’s technical support by selecting LIVE AGENT SUPPORT from the SUPPORT link of this website.

Freehand Graphics, Inc., manufacturers, agents and vendors are not responsible for any incidental damages associated with the use of this product. Liability is limited to the replacement of the product.


Additional information

Starter Kit (1430/1400), Starter Kit (P400), Tank Refill Set (1430/1400), P400 Tank Refill Set, 4900 (ABI Set of 11)