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D-Max UV Light Blocking DYE
by Freehand Graphics

• Large – One Liter (1000ml) Bottle $108*
• Small – 240 ml Bottle $35*
*  Shipping within the continental United States only.

Inkjet Ink used to produce film positives MUST block UV light otherwise it’s just black ink. There is no better dye ink for making films for screen-printing. Watch this short video about this industry dye manufactured by Freehand.

D-Max is the perfect solution for users with bulk systems that want the very best UV light blocking dye. It’s the same formulation used in Freehand’s recognized All Black Ink™ brand and performs extraordinarily well on quality DYE Film Brands, and delivered in convenient bottles.

Packaged in two bottle sizes perfect for both desktop and wide format inkjet printers.

How to select the bottle size and quantity… you bulk system indicates the number of ml per slot for your particular model. For example, 350ml per slot x 5 = 1750ml
Purchase 2 large bottles totaling 2000 ml

You can purchase a mix of large and small bottles to obtain the right amount for your fill. We suggest you purchase extra for backup. Keep bottles in a dark closet/cabinet for the longest shelf life. Keep away from extreme heat or cold.

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One Liter, 240ml