Amaze-Ink Liquid Inkjet Head Cleaner and Maintenance Fluid
A Freehand Graphics, Inc. EXCLUSIVE product.
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It’s not INK. It’s an ink dissolver. Regular maintenance aids in clog prevention. Apply to help clear a simple or stubborn clog by dissolving dried dye or pigment at the head/nozzle.

Watch the Amaze-Ink Video. Amaze-Ink is used to assist with breaking up clogs and can be stored long-term for future use.

Clogs left unaddressed can become severe; your best defense is maintenance. If you have a severe/stubborn clog it makes financial sense to try to bust the clog before considering a costly repair or replacement.

127 ml of Amaze-Ink Clog Buster Fluid

(For desktop model printers listed below)
1430 and 1400 users, for example, select the KIT.
Contains 127 ml of Amaze-Ink Clog Buster Fluid, a syringe for easy application, and a cartridge adapter.

Supported Desktop Epson Printers:

Artisan 1430, 50

Stylus Photo 1400, 1800, 1900 2100, 2200, 2400, 2880, 800
Stylus Photo R260, R280, R380, R2000
Stylus Photo RX580, RX680, RX580, RX595, RX680

Stylus CX5000, CX6000, CX7000F, CX7400, CX7450, CX8400, CX9400, CX9475
Stylus NX100, NX105, NX110, NX115, NX125, NX127, NX130, NX200, NX215, NX230, NX300, NX305, NX330, NX400, NX415, NX430, NX420, NX510, NX515, NX530, NX625

Workforce WF-3520, WF-3540, WF-7010, WF-7510, WF-7520