Ditto – Film Feeder

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The Ditto is the one and only desktop product engineered to maximize film output production. It saves time and money daily over the life of the printer and it costs less than the cost of a single box of film!

When printing films from a desktop printer…one sheet at a time IS a waste of time and money. Easily attach the ditto to your supported printer and print multi-color files faster, or be loaded and ready for single color jobs.



Ditto film feeder









The Ditto easily attaches to these Epson models:

Workforce 1100 and 1110
Stylus Photo 1390
Stylus Photo 1400
Stylus Photo 1500W
Artisan 1430
Stylus Photo R1800
Stylus Photo R1900
Stylus Photo R2400
Stylus Photo R2880

The Ditto is popular because…

• it attaches easily and in seconds
• the ability to load up to 8 sheets of film
• allows printing up to 8 sheets consecutively
• works with or without a RIP
• it gives you back hundreds of hours of labor
• it’s an affordable solution to on on-going problem
• it prevents films from sticking together
• it pays for itself in as little as one week
• there are no moving parts to break
• it can be moved to another supported model
• it was developed by Freehand Graphics

Unattended printing has a great value to screen-printers. Without the Ditto, more than one film loaded at a time would stick together, jam, and possibly damage your Inkjet. Freehand solved the issue by engineering a one-of-a-kind solid solution that attaches in seconds to a supported desktop printer.

Desktop users have the unique and valuable ability to load and print up to 8 sheets of film at a time. It’s unattended output for non-roll devices. Maybe you haven’t calculated how much time is wasted when your printer doesn’t have a roll feed device. But, we did the calculations, were shocked at the waste of money, so we engineered the fix.

The Ditto works with a variety of film brands. Not in love with your current brand? Your brand too thin? Ink not adhering? Results too light? Struggle with consistency issues?  Contact sales@softwareforscreenprinters.com for a sample of DarkStar Inkjet film that delivers the best results at competitive prices.

Perfect for shops that do multi-color jobs and are tired of wasting countless hours babysitting their printer loading and printing one film at a time. The Ditto allows you to insert up to 8 sheets of film. Separating the media so they do not stick, they easily feed through the inkjet during printing. Yes, you can send that 8 color separation to PRINT with one click. Just think about what you go through without the ditto to produce an 8 color job. This outstanding product saves you so much money and pays for itself in as little as a week.

Unless you ONLY PRINT single color jobs you NEED the Ditto to save you time, aggravation, and money.