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Dark Star Dye Film™ – SHEETS and ROLLS.

The purpose of film is understood – but did you know that its quality is critical to the success of screen exposure and press production?

Film prices will vary so slightly when you calculate the per film price. It is NEVER smart or economical to buy bottom of the line brands. You’ll pay for poor quality during screen-exposure and trying to print a quality production run. Buy the best and enjoy a low price too with DarkStar. Freehand selected this brand to exclusively deliver to its users.


Great prints don’t just happen on-press. The combination of products determines whether you achieve vibrant, accurate, and outstanding image reproduction on garments, or disappointing prints. It starts with film output, so output to DarkStar Film. We recommend All Black Ink™ and D-Max Dye Ink™ as a perfect fit for DarkStar.

With a great RIP solution such as AccuRIP you don’t want to use more ink, slow down or halt production, and/or compromise results simply by using the wrong film type and brand.

The emulsion coating on the film allows the ink to adhere properly. Ink needs to grab onto the film’s coating. No emulsion or a poor quality coating and there’s not much chance of success. You should love your results.

Dark Star Dye Film is the film brand Freehand uses and selected to deliver exclusively to the industry. We also regularly test the performance of other brands marketed to screen-printers so we know the issues facing the industry.

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