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The industry is anticipating the release of SPSS version 4 coming Summer 2018! But don’t wait to start separating and printing your very best prints. The current download is version 3 and purchasing this version puts you on the lower cost upgrade path for the new release. It’s a win, win!

Download version 3 today and you’ll receive the release notification of SPSS-4 as soon as it is available. Yes, a free fully-functional trial will be available too.

The new release this summer will add a brand new type of separation engine never seen before. Coupled with the famous sim process engine you have in version 1.03 that turned sim process (tonal image) separating into an ability every shop can quickly master, the industry will have the very best industry-specific separation tools.

Gallery of Printed Garments

Spot Process Separation Studio™ version 1.03 has automated the most difficult separation process for screen-printers. It’s better than ever and should be in every shop around the world.

Expertly and easily separate…

•  tonal image files such as a Photoshop or other raster files
•  over-colored illustration files (too many colors for your press)
•  files you wish to print using halftones
•  files you need an auto under-base generated

Artwork does NOT have to look or be complex to use with Sep Studio, as some designs are just a few colors. You’ll quickly see the power of automated tonal separating and under-base creation. Yes, some of our users are famous brands or large print production shops, but SPSS puts every shop on an equal playing field. Countless SPSS shops are small, new to the industry, and working on manual presses. It’s an every user (looking to produce their finest work with ease) solution!

Above, CEO, Charlie Facini and Director of Media, Ethan Hendrick at Freehand Graphics are photographing SPSS printed Tees for the site gallery.

The Zombie shirt shown above is the design that kicked off our year-long promotion. From Friday the 13th of October to Halloween 2018 the Zombies are walking… This print is 5 colors on black and 6 colors on all other color garments. Thanks to Lon Winters and his team at Print This and Graphic Elephants for the print production. We sent the separations created with Sep Studio and jaws were dropping!


Below are two very different images, yet both award winning designs selected the Spot Process engine!

The best way to understand Sep Studio is to use Sep Studio. Download the free 14-day, fully-functional trial and go into print production with your separations. Here are some bullet points that underscore the value of SPSS…

•  Macintosh and Windows compatible (details below)
•  automatically analyzes RGB TIF files for its (rainbow) colors
•  supports transparencies which is a powerful feature
•  gives creativity back to artists
•  eliminates the worry of file separating
•  produces the most accurate results on-screen and on-press
•  delivers print order
•  delivers the critical under-base and three black options
•  is a flexible solution
•  on-screen preview is RGB – separations are RGB
•  RGB is a true light spectrum and much broader than CMYK
•  provides single-click color reduction (merging)
•  quickly color-adjust with sliders to pump up colors
•  works with Adobe, Corel and other graphic program files
•  separates stock images
•  flexibility to add vector elements at output
•  easily outputs because the separation is an EPS file
•  standardizes press production including mesh counts
•  use standard press inks, no proprietary or costly inks needed
•  wet-on-wet printing, single flash on base
•  print on white, light, dark and black substrates
•  great for manual and automatic printing presses
•  cost saving long press run solution
•  recommended for 6 to 8 color presses
•  large press shops can add many specialty screens easily
•  is the choice of tens of thousands of users worldwide
•  was first released in 1995 and uses an exclusive algorithm
•  saves thousands of hours in production 

Since its introduction in 1995, users have benefited from on-screen and on-press high-quality results, unequalled speed, and ease-of-use, and the delivery of shop standards.

Don’t be afraid of going to press with Sep Studio separations…it is very easy to print on manual and automatic presses. Halftone printing is an easy and controllable print process for every size and skill level shop – even if you didn’t believe it could be. The short user guide gives you the mesh counts, colors and info to be successful from your first job. 

Expecting outstanding image reproduction on garments is what Separation Studio is all about. 

Using a previous Spot Process Version? Upgrade today and enjoy FREE Live Agent Support and the Parachute Plan.


Separation Studio Platforms

Windows 10
Windows 8.1

Windows 8
Windows 7

El Capitan

Mountain Lion

*dongle users moving to Sierra will need to trade-in dongle for a serial number license ($59). Contact Freehand via chat, online tech support, or call 631-744-4330 press 2.

The full set of Spot Process press colors…
you won’t need any more… but will often use less…

White             (under-base) (a flash quality white)
Black              (opaque or “process black”)
Red                 (032)
Blue                (300)
Gold               (123 or 122 if a bright, more yellow gold is needed)
Purple            (pantone purple)
Green             (354)
Turquoise     (312)
Gray               (cool gray 8)
White            (top highlight) (not a thick, overpowering white)


An unmatched line-up of high-production features is why users around the world prefer Spot Process Separation Studio.

SP Separation Studio Features Logos

Easy One-Click Auto Color Adjust
Fast Color Merging
Friendly User-Interface
Optimized File Handling for Fast Results
Accurate On-Screen to Press Color Controls
…and much more

Need help? Tech Support accepts your files for review and offers unmatched advice lead by the creator of this astonishing software.


Spot Process Separation Studio is a true American original. From concept to engineering – American ingenuity has brought to the industry this unequalled solution!

Separation Studio American w trans

By design Spot Process Sep Studio delivered the easiest user workflow.

Open an RGB TIF image created in Adobe or Corel programs or photos and stock images in Separation Studio, and it automatically displays 9 separated channels. You can merge the number of colors down! Yes, Spot Process Separation Studio supports TRANSPARENCIES! When your file is on a transparent background your separated file will not bring in the background as a color. That’s an impressive time saver.

Use the Auto Adjust button, or use individual color sliders to boost saturation. The entire process takes just a few minutes. The file saves automatically as a DCS2.eps file – a standard graphics file format.

Spot Process is also famous for its flesh tones. Without the use of a separate flesh tone screen or separate brown you’ll achieve the most accurate flesh tones, animal fur, and nature scenes with less screens. The American Original Design shown above can be printed on white in 5 colors or 6 when an under-base is needed for a black or color garment.


What files are right for Spot Process Separation Studio?

Spot Process was designed for tonal (raster) images. What is a tonal image? An Adobe Photoshop file, Corel Painter or PhotoPaint file, scanned image, stock photo, or a vector file with too many spot colors for your press capabilities which is easily converted to a raster image. Combination files can easily be managed too!

Users also appreciate Spot Process Separation Studio because of its ability to create an under-base automatically. Even vector files that fit the press are being saved as a raster image and separated with SPSS.

Separation Studio Vector example


SPSS delivers top-quality halftones.

Spot Process is a halftone solution that uses a small set of specific yet easily accessible spectral press colors. Thousands of colors visually blending on-press (the human eye makes it happen) delivering the most accurate image reproduction, because of math and science, the RGB light spectrum, and the expert engineering of Spot Process Separation Studio. SPSS is an RGB solution. RGB is how humans view the world, display the world, and reproduce images accurately on a screen-print press. Solutions that try to compete with SPSS use the smaller CMYK spectrum. CMYK is harder to work with than RGB and the results will be inferior to RGB – always!


Separation Studio Combo and PS Files

The solution for combination and problem files.

Spot Process Separation Studio is the go to solution for tens of thousands of users. Even when faced with a troublesome file, SPSS is the solution to get you to press in less time and with the highest quality.

Combination files are often used in the screen-print industry. Mixing vector (illustration program files) and raster (image editing program files) elements together can be separated and printed thanks to the power of SPSS and its finished file format. Convert the file entirely to a raster, or better yet, separate the raster with SPSS, Place or Import the EPS file in an Illustration program and combine it with the vector elements of the Illustration file. Color the vector elements with the specified Spot Process colors to keep the number of screens to a minimum. Simply output to film as a normal spot color separation.

Stuck with an illustration file with a POSTSCRIPT ISSUE (receiving garbled text or an output error). SPSS to the rescue. Rasterize the file, save it as a transparent image and Spot Process Sep Studio will deliver a full set of separations including the needed under-base. The image will print as expected with halftones and not as solid spot colors.


Brilliance builds on-press

With tens of thousands of users around the world it is impossible to deliver the countless success stories and print samples. Your challenge is to create your own success stories using your creativity and Spot Process Separation Studio.

You build your design from a concept, then break down the image into its separations using SPSS, to build it back again on-press. You get from SPSS what you put in.


You will love incorporating Spot Process Separation Studio into your world. When you have SPSS you have so much more to offer to your customers! Enjoy!