Product Compatibility Information


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Before selecting a software version:
– be sure you are working on a supported operating system
– you have taken the free, fully-functional software trial (software sales are final sales)

Before updating your OS:
– make sure ALL software manufacturer versions will move to the new OS, or if they will require an upgrade

Important to note:
– a crash or reformat can trigger the need for an upgrade
– an auto update of your OS can trigger the need for an upgrade
– AccuRIP and SPSS do not force the upgrade, only a change in a user’s environment such as an operating system change will make earlier versions incompatible

AccuRIP Black Pearl™   •  
AccuRIP Black Pearl SE™ 

Windows:    Windows 7  thru Windows 10
Apple:    El Cap through High Sierra 

NOTE: users of older AccuRIP Black Pearl software (purchased between March 9, 2015 and June 7, 2017) can upgrade to the latest version build with enhancements at no cost – simply download from your MY ACCOUNT login the posted installer.


ss-splash-screen-layeredSpot Process Separation Studio™

Windows:    Windows 7 through Windows 10 
Apple:    El Cap through High Sierra

* Separation Studio USB dongle users: Apple OS El Cap and higher no longer support this product’s dongle technology. Stay with compatible OS or contact Freehand to upgrade to a serial number license ($59).

AccuRIP Black Pearl supported Epson Inkjet Printers:

Artisan: 50, 1430
WorkForce: 1100, 1110

Stylus Photo: R280, R285, R290, 1390, 1400, 1410, 1500W, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R3000

Sure Color: T-3000, T-3200, T-3270* T-5000, T-5200, T-5270*, T-7000, T-7200, T-7270*

Stylus Pro: 3800, 3880, 4000, 4450, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7000, 7600, 7700, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9450, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, 10600, 11880

ET Series: ET2500, ET2550

L Series: L355, L1300, L1800

P Series: P400, P405 (simply connect to the detected P400)
P800 (AccuRIP SE lite version required for P800)

PM Series: G4500

The T-3270, T-5270, and T-7270 printers are all part of the 3200, 5200, or 7200 series line of Epson printers. With Genuine Epson drives installed and properly functioning, Black Pearl will Auto Detect these printers by way of the Installation Wizard or Edit Configuration feature. If printers are not Auto Detected, use the “View All Printers” feature in the Edit Configuration Window selecting the proper “series” for your printer model.

P-800 NOTE:
AccuRIP Black Pearl SE version is bundled with the printer, film, and ink through a limited number of Epson Authorized Resellers including Freehand Graphics. To purchase the SE software version “outside” of the Epson bundle package ($450), contact Freehand via chat, tech or at 631-744-4330 press 2.


All Black Ink™ was engineered by Freehand to work with the following Epson Inkjet Printers:

Artisan: 1430
WorkForce: 1100
Stylus Photo: 1400, 1500W
Stylus Photo: R1800 and R1900
Sure Color: T-3000, T-3270 (matte slot only)
Stylus Photo: 4800, 4880, 4900
Stylus Photo: 7880, 7890, 7900,
Stylus Photo: 9880, 9890, 9900

All Black Ink™ is a product engineered by Freehand Graphics, the creators of AccuRIP Software. It is sold under the brand names of All Black Ink and Blackmax. Be aware of unauthorized brands. Click here for a list of Authorized U.S. Resellers and Authorized International Resellers.


AccuRIP purple 72 AccuRIP
Older versions of AccuRIP are not engineered to work with modern operating systems released by Windows and Apple AFTER the release of AccuRIP 1.03 and earlier. Have a new OS? Upgrade to AccuRIP Black Pearl. 

If you… have a hard drive failure, reformat, upgrade the Operating System, receive a 6900 Error, or otherwise lose control of the software License, you can continue to use AccuRIP by upgrading to the latest version AccuRIP Black Pearl noting the required operating systems. The upgrade discount price is $179 for users that have their previous AccuRIP Serial Number.

Graphics Software and System Compatibility:

AccuRIP and Spot Process Separation Studio Software are expertly engineered to work with mainstream graphics programs from Adobe, Corel and others. There are no special system requirements for either software, except to stay with current versions. Do not fall behind more than 3 versions or you will be missing out on powerful technology, and risk losing valuable functionality.

Ink Bottles using All Black Ink D-Max Dye Ink:

Use with Eco Tank printers as well as all bulk ink systems. Available to purchase in the web store.