Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get tech support and is it FREE?

FREE, Live Agent Support is available Monday through Friday 8 am – 6 pm EST (closed holidays). Full support is FREE for current version users. If you are not operating a current version, contact sales to UPGRADE. Support Terms and Conditions.

Support always starts online by submitting a request to our technical support team. Simply click the SUPPORT link and select Live Agent Support. The expert team will determine how best to get you resolved quickly. It can include an email reply, phone call or an agent will login to your computer.

Trust in the expertise of our on-site technical staff.

Do I use AccuRIP to color separate my Illustrator or DRAW vector files?

Some users are unsure where separation power comes from – the RIP or the graphics software. Since 1988 the first illustration (vector) program Adobe Illustrator provided auto color separation of spot colors. AccuRIP comes into play to translate the PostScript data to the non-PostScript printer.

Users have always had this ability to make color separating vector files as simple as building the file properly with true SPOT colors (not colors composed of cmyk or process colors). The PRINT window of both Adobe Illustrator and Corel DRAW have an option for output called HOST-BASED SEPARATIONS as opposed to a composite. For complete details, visit our video page and review the Adobe or Corel video on the proper use of spot colors. So why do I need AccuRIP? (see Why do I need AccuRIP Black Pearl?)

Why do I need AccuRIP Black Pearl?

Graphics files such as an Adobe or Corel (vector or raster) are built using PostScript data. An Epson (does not contain Adobe PostScript chips) does not understand the PostScript language. The standard Epson driver can output composites of a file, and has limited ability for graphics files, but a PostScript RIP such as AccuRIP provides the ability to easily and accurately output every graphics file as a separation. Epson will suggest the use of a software RIP for PostScript separations. Postscript data includes solids, halftones, gradients, blends, fonts, special filter effects and more.

Is Spot Process Separation Studio just for experienced artists or shops? Do I need to use AccuRIP with it?

Spot Process is for everyone. When Spot Process was first released in the mid 90s the experienced separation houses and large screen-print shops gravitated to this astonishing program. But, the use of the software has never been difficult, nor is the printing process of separated files. In fact, it is one of the easiest software programs to use in the industry. Spot Process Separation Studio is used by shops of all skill levels, sizes and types around the world.

Separation Studio produces an EPS file, specifically a DCS2.eps. It can be output through any RIP or up-to-date PostScript device. AccuRIP is an efficient PostScript file output solution designed for output to an inkjet. We know AccuRIP is the finest solution and recommend it when you are in need of a RIP.

Does the Software License allow me to move the software to another computer? Can I sell it?

Both AccuRIP and Spot Process Separation Studio allow under the specific guidelines of the End-User License Agreement a proper way to move (transfer) a license from once computer to another. Software can be transferred within a version only. This ability is built into the applications. Review your User Guide or online support articles for instructions. Software can NOT be sold to another user. Software is Licensed for Use and not owned by end-users. Like a leased vehicle, there is a company that manages the use of the software as they own the intellectual rights to it. Users are provided with expressed rights of use. This is standard software industry guidelines for the software industry. AccuRIP Black Pearl EULA. Sep Studio EULA.

What does the All Black Ink system do? Can’t I just use a black cartridge in any other slot?

All Black Ink is an amazing product built from a concept imagined from the minds of the AccuRIP development team. The cartridge-based system puts only BLACK formulated DYE into an inkjet originally designed to print composite color pictures. With AccuRIP and the All Black Ink system you transform a color printer into a dedicated, highly-efficient film output device. No. You can not put any black cartridge in a different slot. Cartridges have chips that are keys to specific slots.

What is the benefit of DYE ink vs. Pigment ink?

Dye is formulated with UV light blocking properties so you use less dye than pigment to produce films that you use to expose screens. Pigment is a chemical-based product while dye is water-based. Use less dye, get a darker density, and it drys faster!

How do I troubleshoot problems with film output?

AccuRIP cannot make a mistake in translating data - thanks to hard coding. A user can make a mistake in file setup, a postscript file error can exist, a connection can be improper or change, a service of the operating system can glitch, and the wrong consumables can create output issues. Where to begin? This web site includes articles and videos with resolves for all user issues. First understand it is not AccuRIP so don’t uninstall it. You can update to the latest version to eliminate OS issues and restart the computer which can resolve stuck files. Live Agent Support is available when you can not find your resolve quickly.

Can AccuRIP alter data when I print a file? Sometimes I get halftones when I expect a solid.

No. Results that are unexpected will be traced back to the art file. Understanding spot colors, process, tints and gradients is important to user productivity.

What is the difference between an update and an upgrade? Are they both free?

Updates are delivered free of charge at the discretion of the developers. Freehand provides more free updates than any other industry solution. An upgrade is a functionality change providing added features and abilities or major changes needed for operating systems. An upgrade has a fee ranging from $149 to $345.